About Us

Starting as a friendly neighborhood retail shop with two employees in the year 2000, we are 19 years later a 50+ employees strong and diversified regional group which has based its development on its founding values of honesty, innovation and friendliness.

Pride Group has diverse business interest in Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Distribution, Uniforms and IT Trading.

Pride Group of Companies evolved at the pace of its regional environment through the years, with a particular focus on Trading. Created by a humble and hard-working Mr. Satish Jaisinghani, it is one of the companies in the country which explains its excellent relationships with customers and the strong brand recognition of the group.

All Pride Group companies are inclined towards achieving strong relationships with a proven track record of timely delivery and quality goods to there is a trust which has been developed by our clients for our companies. And as said, “Trust is the lubrication that makes it possible for organizations to work” we have been working smoothly with so many departments with such an ease. As a very experienced company in the market we enjoy considerable support from the clients we have worked with for long..